In 1957,  John Poles and Mel Tublin left a larger law firm to join Michael Patestides and form their own partnership. Poles, Tublin & Patestides was primarily an admiralty practice, although the firm was involved and active in other areas as well, including real estate, immigration and estate work. In 1960, Christ Stratakis left his post as counsel to a shipping company and joined the firm, which later added his name to create Poles, Tublin, Patestides & Stratakis.

Poles, Tublin, Stratakis & Gonzalez, LLP has provided Legal Services in Maritime, Litigation, Real Estate, Corporate and Estate Matters for over 60 years

The founders of Poles Tublin in 1997

The founders of Poles Tublin in 1997

The firm steadily developed its international maritime practice along with its general, commercial, real estate, and litigation practice. During the 1960s and 1970s, the firm's reputation was built on the handling of admiralty cases and maritime and commercial real estate transactions.   The firm has consistently provided legal advice geared to business-oriented results, but is always ready to pursue all legal remedies available in the advocacy of its clients’ positions.

The succeeding decades brought further development of practice areas in corporate, civil and commercial litigation, and estate and probate matters. The firm's real estate and litigation expertise and services were broadened with a merger in 2003 with Gonzalez & Weichert, a New Jersey firm with a thriving real estate and litigation practice.

Over the course of 60 years, Poles Tublin has been known for its handling of admiralty cases, ship finance transactions, commercial real estate transactions, and related litigation, and for representing foreign investors in U.S. real estate, as well as for estate and probate matters, particularly those involving cross-border issues.  In that time, the firm developed a reputation for serving the interests of its clients with professionalism, integrity, dedication and loyalty.   We're proud of that legacy and today, we continue to serve our clients with a unique combination of personalized service, dedication and trust which has been our hallmark.